Designer Laminates



Studio Segments brings to you an international range of designer laminates inspired from all around the world. Made with materials sourced from Europe, Segments is a brand name that adds a touch of luxury, class and extraordinaire to your environment. Segments takes its inspiration from various cultures and designs from around the world, bringing to you top-class laminates. Our laminates come in various series, each one different from the other and each speaking for itself. For example, our 'Earth' series has taken its inspiration from the Earth, close to nature, with earthen colours and designs. Our 'Le Fab' series takes its inspiration from Spain, made of art leather adding the right amount of luxury to your ambiance. Similarly, we offer to you over fifteen different series such as: Forest Earth Cuero Extra Nature Geo Spring Splash Europa Lino Caesar Skin Actullo Kablino Le Fab Jungle And many more Our range of premium laminates also includes the international catalog by SIBU. SIBU is a luxury brand from Austria, bringing class in the form of decorative sheets in metal, suede, leather and others. There are over 150 designs to choose from in SIBU alone. Apart from our premium collection we also deal in brands such as Green, Century, Merino, Samrat and others.


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